There are three simple tests to find out when your Bra isn’t right for you.   You may have gotten the right cup size  but blundered when getting the wrong bust size or visa versa. We’ve complied three simple tell tale signs that your bra is just not right for you.


One - Shoulder straps


Your shoulder straps are digging into your shoulder, sometimes leaving red marks on your skin. This means you have to adjust your straps by loosening them until they comfortably fit on your shoulders. 

When that doesn't work, we recommend that your re-measure both your Band and Cup size again and find out what your Bra size really is. 



               INCORRECTLY                                         INCORRECTLY                                            CORRECT


Two - Band

When every breath we take feels uncomfortable, or you have a bad case of heartburn, but you haven't had anything to eat yet. Most likely you’re wearing a bust size thats too small for you. Redo your Band &  Cup size measurements to ensure an accurate measurement and get a new bra. 

Sometimes we can experience the opposite. We feel like our bra isn't giving enough support. You can feel a slight draft as you walk. You feel like it could all come tumbling out when you least expect it. In this case you might need to get a smaller size. Having the right amount of support is important to have that flawless silhouette we all love. Go into your drawer or wherever you keep your measuring tape and Re-do your Band &  Cup size measurements.


               INCORRECTLY                                      INCORRECTLY                                     CORRECTLY


Three - Cup

So you feel that wearing a size smaller means your cup size looks bigger, or wearing a bigger size means your cup size doesn’t look as huge. WRONG!

Wearing a perfectly fitted Bra means your cup size fits your body silhouette perfectly, and thats what you want. 

When your cup size is too small, it digs into you chest and you might have some popping out going on. On the reverse end of the spectrum, when your cup size is too big, you get swallowed up and there is no curve silhouette.

Whats our usual advice when this happens, re-measure both your Band and Cup size again and find out what your Bra size really is. 



                 INCORRECTLY                                          INCORRECTLY                                           CORRECT 

How To Measure Bra Size 

Knowing how to measure your own Bra size is critical when Bra shopping. We have created a simple 4 step guide to accurately measuring your bra size right from home.
Step 1: Band Size / Under Band
This is located under your breast. Wrap the tape measure snug around your waist just under your breast. This is your Band Size. For example, if it measures 40 inches then your band size is 40.


                 INCORRECTLY                                          INCORRECTLY                                              CORRECT 

Step 2: Bust Size

Wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your breast. For bigger breast sizes lean forward 30-45 degrees. Then put the measuring tape across the fullest part of your breast. This is your Bust Size. Let’s suppose it is 43 inches.


              INCORRECTLY                                          INCORRECTLY                                                CORRECT


Step 3: Cup Size

Subtract the Band size from the Bust size. If the difference is 1inch or less the cup size will be an A cup. If it's more than 1 inches or up to 2 inches he cup size will be a B cup and so on.


 +  =



In our Example our Band size is 40 and Bust size is 43, the cup size will be a  Cup.


43 - 40 = 3 = C cup.


Step 4: Final Bra Size

In our example our final bra size will be 40C . Where 40 is the Band size and C is the Breast or Cup size which I the difference of 3 inches between the Band size and Bust size.